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As a mother of two, I made peace with the fact that there will always be scattered toys and dirty floors. 
I have found though, that when I  absolutely love the space I am in, the mess isn't quite as stressful. 
I firmly believe that there is a perfect balance between pretty and practical for every home.
My hope is to leave each client with an overwhelming feeling of both pride and comfort when they open their front door.

"The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home" 
- President Harold B. Lee

Codee Rainey Interiors is an Interior Design Studio and also a Home Furnishings Store. The retail layout is a home-style fashion, allowing you shop “by room”, while her studio is nestled in the back. The “Kitchen” is a showroom for cabinet doors, countertops, and hardware to assist in making interior design selections but also has a retail section with items such as stoneware, cutting boards, and dish towels. The “Living Room” is filled with throws, pillows, and candles and the “Dining Room” has table runners, dough bowls and centerpiece accents. She works the store herself which allows her to assist her customers in their selections if needed.

Both Codee and her husband, Ross, are natives of Eatonton but have lived in Milledgeville for the last 5 years. They recently remodeled an old fueling station in their Downtown district which was the original location of her studio. After deciding to move back to Eatonton and build a home, they listed their charming little building to move the business with them. Having always adored the building in Greensboro, they knew that it would be perfect for their new venture.

She combined the two concepts into one location in hopes that it would be an asset to both herself and other local professionals as her sample library and inventory grows. Being from a small town, she values the importance of community and hopes that her space will become a valuable resource for the area.