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Three Principles Every Modern Interior Designer Swears By

Searching for an interior designer Eatonton? It's important to go with someone who matches your style. As a modern interior design, I love to take timeless looks and combine them with trends to create a unique, up to date feel. Take a look at some of the rules of thumb I follow as an interior designer Eatonton.


Balance -

I need to create a sense of balance in my spaces. This doesn't mean the left and right sides of each room in your home need to be mirror images. Rather, it means balancing colors, focal points, and designs to create a sense of flow and movement throughout the room. Learning how to balance a room can be tricky to the untrained eye.


Contrast -

I understand how to use contrasting patterns and shades to create an interesting, yet aesthetically pleasing, room. When contrast is overdone, it can feel harsh. When it's done just right, it's fun to look at without being overwhelmed.

Repetition -

We'll choose a few colors or patterns to repeat throughout your home, contributing to a cohesive feel without being too matchy-matchy. This can be fun in the future - when you find the pattern when you're out and about, it can be fun to pick up new pieces to add to your home.

If you're ready to work with a modern interior designer, I'd love to talk with you. Reach out to set up a consultation so that we can begin the process of creating the home of your dreams.




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